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ooc / Hey loves, I might not be online for probably a week or so? Something just came up, so yeah. I’m still around though, I’ll try and come back soon :)

Rude. -Bella doesn’t let Emma’s words sway her though, and she leans against Emma’s shoulder, giving her a smile- You look so pretty today, love

-she frowns, slightly confused at the sudden display of affection but permits it anyway- Only pretty? I would say beautiful. And not only today, everyday. Don’t you agree?

blood-and-bellatrix-deactivated → ...Hey Emma, could you give me a massage?

Do I look like a servant to you? 

proud people walk around with their heads up being like oh hay im better dan you k. i got wrath fun stuff DX

ooc / On a second thought, Wrath sounds more difficult than Pride. So I’ve got to play a haughty Emma…Hm. I think I can work with this.

 « I’m better than you please shut up face. Yes.

Sheena got pride :3.

Battle of who is the proudest y/y?

ooc / Emma got Pride. But…How…I don’t know how to be proud. WHAT DO PROUD PEOPLE DO?




ooc / oh hi Amanda. 

 #Emma doesn’t like water she’s a cat

then just write about how she despises water or something idk man idk. 


Yes Amanda.

Good idea.

{i did a broken prose not a drabble. derp. :B}

ooc / YES I SAW THAT SHEENA. That was quite good actually. I would write a piece of poetry or something, but my brain isn’t quite up to rhyming and stuff.

Hello Hogwarts


-squints her eyes in thought- I don’t mind Slughorn as much as some others, but potions never has been a strong point of mine either. -smiles- I completely understand, and I assure you, the feeling is mutual. -she purses her lips, slightly irritated at being known as a dork- Sadly, yes, I believe I am that certain ‘dork’. -thinks to herself; Amelia’s a skeleton though!-

Have you tried looking for tutors? The bulletin board in the library is filled with flyers looking for people to teach. -she tilts her head to the side, momentarily confused- Though…I’m not sure why they want to offer to teach anyone, but there should be a fair few nice people there. -smiling slightly, she shrugs her shoulders- Amelia’s rather fond of giving nicknames.


ooc / oh hi Amanda. 

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